My approach to design is relatively simple, content is the purpose of the piece and elegant design is the vehicle to get it there. We live in a fast paced world full of trendy design, catchy marketing terms like "2.0", and over hyped buzz words that are trying to rule the industry. I am taking a stand against such nonesense and declaring that content is king. Designers are not artists as much as we are communicators. If we aren't communicating the message we aren't doing our job and if we aren't doing our job we deserve to be replaced.

Of course elegant design is what we do, being clever is a given and making sure we are a step ahead of the trends should be our focus, but never at the expense of the message. Every new design is a window into the business or product, how far we do or don't open that window is the key to success.

My name is Scott Ladzinski, and I am a Graphic Designer.